Repairs & Modifications

Luthier Dave Johnson also offers professional guitar repairs though his shop in Nashville, TN. With over fifteen years of experience, Dave has an extensive customer base that includes many musicians and bands in the independent music community.

The following is a price guide that includes the most common repairs and routine maintenance. These prices are intended to provide a basic guide, and should not be considered an actual quote. Estimates are always free of charge, and an accurate quote will be given before any work is performed.

Repairs Price Guide

Note: price does not include cost of strings.

Improves playability and tone. Includes: electronics cleaning, body/neck cleaning and polish, tightening of all hardware, bridge/nut/neck adjustments for improved playability, action set to customer specs, strobe intonated and tuned. Add $20.00 for Floyd’s and electric 12’s.

Recommended repair for worn or un-level frets with adequate height. Eliminates fret noise and improves tone, helpful for attaining low action.
(plus cost of materials)

Troubleshoot and fix an existing problem or upgrade hardware. Electronics cleaning, change pickups/pots/switches/jacks or their setup, re-solder weak connections, re-wire from scratch. Pickup replacement…$20.00 per pickup.

(plus cost of materials)

Upgrade to genuine bone, cut from scratch. Finish touchup work is not included and quoted on a case by case basis. Add $40.00 for through-style acoustic bridge saddles.

Necessary repair for acoustic bridges that are “lifting” off of the soundboard. Includes removal of bridge, score/level/scuff sand entire gluing surface, level and prep underside of bridge, re-attach using hide glue for improved tone. Seamless results. Add $40.00 for bridge pin hole and bridge plate repair.
($300.00 for necks with binding or maple fretboards)

Replace old, worn frets or change to a different fret gauge. Like having a new guitar. Includes: removal of old frets, fretboard leveling, fret installation, level/crown/polish. Price includes complete setup and your choice of fretwire. Partial refrets on estimate basis. Fretboard finish touchup work is not included and quoted on a case by case basis.

Recommended repair for vintage archtop and acoustic flat top guitars that have developed a low neck angle. Includes: removal of neck, clean and prepare dovetail/neck pocket at block, increase neck angle at heel, shim dovetail and/or fingerboard extension, re-attach with hide glue for improved tone and lasting results. Neck resets are quoted on a case-by-case basis, inspection of the guitar is necessary in order to give an accurate quote. Finish touchup is not included in price (for example, wide-heel Gibson, Guild, etc)
**All other repair and modification work billed at $60.00/hour plus cost of materials

We also repair broken headstocks, replace or repair frozen truss rods, binding and crack repair, replace or reattach braces, replace or repair acoustic bridge plates, repair inferior fretwork…basically any imaginable guitar repair.

To refret or not to refret? Dave is also highly skilled in vintage repair, and can help you make decisions that protect the value of your investment.

Do you have a modification, or custom inlay pattern in mind? We can make it happen.

Please contact us for scheduling and estimates.